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Published Papers


Chain Restaurant Calorie Posting Mandates, Obesity, and Consumer Welfare

Empty Gym

Time Spent Exercising and Obesity: An Application of Lewbel's Instrumental Variables Method


Effects of Contextual Economic Factors on Childhood Obesity

Child at the Doctor's Office

Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility


Estimating the Associations between SNAP and Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Food Purchases with Imperfect Administrative Measures of Participation

Does Competition of Ambulatory Surgical Centers Affect Hospital Surgical Output?

Woman Holding Cigarette

The Effect of Smoking on Obesity: Evidence from a Randomized Trial

Can Changing Economic Factors Explain the Rise in Obesity?


Adjusting Body Mass for Measurement Error with Invalid Validation Data


Impatience, Incentives,
and Obesity

Smoking Cigarette

The Heterogeneity of the Cigarette Price Effect on Body Mass Index

Diesel Gas

A Silver Lining? The Connection Between Gasoline Prices and Obesity

At the Grocery Shop

Supersizing Supercenters? The Impact of Walmart Supercenters on Body Mass Index and Obesity

Busy Office

Longer Hours and Larger Waistlines: The Relationship Between Work Hours and Obesity


Rising Cigarette Prices and Rising Obesity: Coincidence or Unintentional Coincidence?

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